"Mining" is the process by which new XVP coins are created. Over time, the difficulty of this process increases and you need special hardware to make mining worthwhile.

If you have  working VirtaCoinPlus Desktop client, you can use it to mine too. Payouts are dependent on your particular machine but are generally rather low. However it's easy to activate it and see what happens.There's a vid on Youtube that explains how it works

Although it does not pay much, leaving your client running like this you will contribute to the VirtaCoinPlus network and improve its performance which is to the benefit of us all.

Another way to mine VirtaCoinPlus is by using a dedicated piece of equipment ('miner')  and a 'mining pool'.  A good VirtacoinPlus pool is : . If you don't have mining equipment yourself, you can rent miners at

Maintaining a mining rig is not for everyone so we have created our own 'mining pool'. You can simply buy a share in this pool and we will deliver a certain amount of mined VirtaCoins straight into your online XVP wallet.

You will need an online XVP wallet as is provided by for VirtaMining to work.

VirtaMining currently delivers 1000 VirtaCoinPlus for USD$ 50.00

To buy VirtaMining shares send payment to :


Bitcoin: 1Mz3K4eYqpURSJrJZ7MsTZgT192g6pTiUp

Put '"MINING" and your online VirtacoinPlus wallet address in the memo of your payment.

Please allow up to 24 hours for us to process your payment and setup your mining account. Your VirtaCoinPlus will be delivered in daily chunks of 100 XVP per share - so, if you buy 1 share for USD $50 you will receive 10 daily payments of 100 XVP. If you buy 10 shares for $250  you will get 10 daily payments of 1000 XVP and so on. 

Please note: all sales are final and non refundable.



In no way can your exchange of USD$ for VirtaCoinPlus be construed as an "Investment". You are simply exchanging one currency for another. No statement is made about any future developments of VirtaCoinPlus or its value. No Funds are held at this website.