VirtaCoin Promotion Fund

The purpose of the VirtaCoinPlus Promotion Fund (VPF) is to attract VirtaCoinPlus buyers by giving them ASSURANCE, based on the following 3 rules:

  1. participants can always sell their VirtaCoinPlus back to the fund at a  price just 10% below their initial buy in and therefore they can never lose more than 10% of their original transaction.
  2. any participation can be withdrawn at any time against the then current buy price for XVP by means of the bleutrade exchange website. This means you can take your profits at any time you see fit.
  3. participants can buy XVP directly from the Funds reserves at preset prices. Which means they can buy directly from their Paypal,  Neteller or BitCoin accounts,

These 3 rules implement a  limited risk, unlimited profit  scenario for all participants. 


The Fund currently sells 100  XVP for USD$ 5.00

To buy VirtaCoin from the Fund make a payment to :
Bitcoin: 1Mz3K4eYqpURSJrJZ7MsTZgT192g6pTiUp

Put '"VPF" and your VirtacoinPlus wallet address in the memo of your payment.

Only payments with "VPF" in the memo are covered by our "buyer assurance" !

Note: to prevent chargebacks any purchase of XVP through paypal is subject to signing of a disclaimer document. Any bought XVP will remain locked until a signed dislaimer has been received.

Please note: all sales are final and non refundable.



In no way can your exchange of USD$ for VirtaCoinPlus be construed as an "Investment". You are simply exchanging one currency for another. No statement is made about any future developments of VirtaCoinPlus or its value. The only guarantee is the limit of your possible loss to 10% of the original USD$ value of your exchange(s). No Funds are held at this website. VPF only acts as a mediator between you and the cryptocurrency exchanges.