Earning VirtaCoin

VirtaCoinPlus is "The People's Coin". It is all about a collective effort to increase the value of our Coin. There are many ways you can claim FREE VirtacoinPlus but we  expect you to do something in return. By helping to promote VirtaCoinPlus you are at the same time helping yourself. More VirtaCoinPLUS users means a bigger market, means more sales, means more income for us all to share. And most importantly: as VirtaCoinPlus gets more widespread, its value will rise - which means the value of your earned VirtacoinPlus will go up too!

Referring others = growing XVP value for you and them.

To claim rewards like the "Signup Bonus", the "Daily Reward" and the "Weekly GiveAway" you must be an active member of the VirtaCoin community. No special skills are required to be an active member and we do not ask much of your time either : 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

 With XVP hope & opportunity, anyone has a fighting chance.

So, where do you begin? First of all, find your personal referral link which is located in the "Referrals" section of your online wallet. When people use your link to register a new online wallet they will become your referral and you will earn from them in various ways, see Tell-A-Friend . But that's not all. You can turn your personal referral link into a Paid Promotion Link and earn 0.01 XVP for every (unique) view! Better yet: you also earn 0.001 XVP for every view your referrals get to their links as well!

 Turning your referral link into a Paid Promotion Link


  1.  You need a (free) account at EasyHits4U.com - if you do not have an account yet get it here: EasyHits4U.
  2.  Add your VirtaCoinWallet.eu referral url to the 'Sites' section of EasyHits4U. Instruction
  3.  Surf some sites at EasyHits4U to earn some 'credits'. When you have some, you can assign them to your link.
  4.  Every (unique) hit to your link earns you 0.01 XVP . You can see your earnings in the 'referrals' section of VirtaCoinWallet.eu These earnings will be added to your wallet every 24 hours.

Getting at least (unique) 10 hits (= 0.1 XVP) every day (about 5minutes work) is all it takes to be an active member and to be eligible for all the special Rewards and Bonusses! Daily payout is limited to 1.0  XVP per day.

Please note: you can use your referral link anywhere you want but you will only get paid XVP for hits on EasyHits4U. More sites like EasyHits4U will be added in future.