XVP Weekly Lottery features a weekly lottery. Members can buy lottery tickets for 1 XVP. At the end of the week on sunday evening 9.00 GMT the total amount collected that week is redistributed as prize money.

How does it work?

Let us assume that 1000 Lottery Tickets are sold during the week. That means total available prize money for that week is 1000 XVP. This amount will be distributed as follows:

- 50% First Prize - so winner would get 50% of 1000 XVP = 500 XVP

- 25% Second Prize - so winner would get 25% of 1000 XVP = 250 XVP

- 10% Third Prize - so winner would get 10% of 1000 XVP = 100 XVP

The remaining 15% will be evenly distributed over 5 more Prizes, so every winner of these prizes would get 30 XVP.

Prize drawing

Every Lottery Ticket has a sequence number. When you buy one or more Tickets they will have unique numbers which will be shown in your transaction history. If  for example 1520 Tickets are sold, they will have numbers from 0001 to 1520.  In the Weekly Drawing on Sunday evening the Lottery Program will generate 8 random numbers between 1 and the highest numbered Ticket. Each of those numbers is then randomly assigned to the 8 available prizes. 

Immediately after the drawing all prizes will be send to the winners. Results of drawings can be seen on the Lottery Page on

How to buy Lottery Tickets

Only members of can buy Lottery Tickets. To buy one or more tickets just login to your account and select 'Lottery' from the menu on the left. Click on 'Buy Tickets'.

After you have bought some tickets, their numbers will show up in your Transaction history. There is no limit to the number of Tickets you can buy. If you like more variation in your Ticket numbers you should buy your Tickets at various days and times.

Automatic play

The Lottery program has a facility for automatic play. To activate it you need to send a support ticket to the helpdesk, stating how many Tickets you want to buy every week. The system will then automatically buy tickets for you (as long as your balance permits it). These automatic Tickets will show up in the usual way in your Transaction History.