Kiva Fund

About Kiva

Kiva is an organization that provides small loans to small businesses all over the world. The goal of Kiva is to empower people by helping them to help themselves. You can read about Kiva here:

I think this matches perfectly with our view of VirtaCoinPlus as  "The People's Coin". Note that Kiva is not about 'gifts' but about 'loans' - and Kiva claims "all with a nearly 95% repayment rate." So, the same funds can be used over and over again.Creating visibility for VirtaCoinPlus will be done by creating a "Team VirtaCoin" on Kiva. ( Participants in the VirtaCoinPlus Kiva Fund will be requested to register at Kiva (which is free) and join Team Virtacoin. Kiva has a competiton going between Teams - so that's where VirtaCoin visibility comes in:

Many people are buying XVP when the price is still low and keep them saved until the price goes up and they can sell them again at a profit. This is a slow process and it means your XVP is collecting dust while waiting for their value to go up. With the VirtaCoinPlus Kiva Fund you can now put them to work for a worthy cause and get rewarded for that at the same time!

How does the Virtacoin Kiva Fund work?

Every 48 hours extends a new USD$ 25 loan to a Kiva project. $25 is about  2500 XVP (at current rates).  VirtaCoinWallet members can 'adopt' these loans by making funds available to the VirtaCoinPlus Kiva Fund. These  participations are held for the duration of the linked Kiva loan. After the loan has been paid back (or terminated)  the participation is returned to the member. The member is rewarded 1% monthly over his outstanding participations.  The loans are made available for adoption on the website (menu option "Kiva Fund"). They will appear at irregular intervals and at different times during the day so everyone has a chance to adopt one or more loans and qualify for the 1% monthly reward. At the end of the loan you are paid back the equivalent in XVP  of $25 at that time. This can be either less or more XVP depending on future market rates. So, in effect your are depositing $25 for a period of time and getting 1% monthly interest (25 XVP) in return. 



In no way can your adoption of a VirtacoinPlus Kiva Fund Loan be construed as an "Investment".No statement is made about any future developments of VirtaCoinPlus or its value. has no formal association with Kiva. No Funds are held at this website.