Founder Fund

As you may recall the Paid Promotion Link is key to to claiming rewards like the "Signup Bonus", the "Daily Reward" and the "Weekly GiveAway" . To finance these rewards a new account has been opened, the "FounderFund". In exchange for their donation members of the FounderFund have access to some exclusive features like

  • receiving spillover referrals (signups without referral ID)
  • free advertising space on the high traffic Daily Reward page
  • sending email to their referrals
  • automatic personal welcome email to new signups
  • priority acccess to new developments

The FounderFund is VERY IMPORTANT as it is the definite answer against anyone claiming VirtaCoinWallet is a form of Ponzi. In contrast we present a transparent operation which shows exactly how our rewards are funded. The Founders are members that understand that before you can harvest, you need to sow - and prove it by putting their money where their mouth is.

Donators to the FounderFund are showing their commitment to the advancement of VirtaCoinPlus. That is their ultimate reward and their final ROI.

The FounderFund can be accessed directly from the VirtaCoinWallet menu. Because of the special benefits that come with being a member of the FounderFund there is a minimum donation amount of 500 XVP required. Bigger donations will bring bigger rewards in future.

Donations to the FounderFund can be made by using your VirtaCoinWallet account to send XVP to adress FOUNDERFUND. After donation your username will immediately show up in the FounderFund memberlist.

FounderFund: the beating heart of the VirtaCoinPlus Movement!