The BonusCode is a code of at least 6 letters and/or digits that you can define yourself so you can easily remember it. You then attach a certain amount of VirtaCoin to your BonusCode. And that's it! Now you can send your bonuscode anywhere using the transfer feature.

For instance, say your BonusCode is G4H1FA with an assigned value of 500 VTA. Then you could SMS or WhatsApp a message like : "Hi! Happy Birthday! To celebrate I'm sending you 500 VirtaCoins here : Enjoy :-)"

Or you can create a competition on Twitter or FaceBook with something like:

"First one to click this link: wins 500 free VirtaCoins!"

The bonus can only be claimed once (first come, first served) but it is "reloadable" : after someone has claimed the bonus you will get an email informing you of that fact AND asking you if you want to "reload" the bonus so you can use it again to send to someone else.

You will need an online VTA wallet as is provided by for BonusCodes to work.

You can send your bonuslink to anyone you want. If the receiver does not have a VirtaCoin wallet yet she will be taken to a registration form to create a new account which will automatically be loaded with the Bonus amount. The new member will also become your referral.

Please remember that if you send the same BonusCode to several people only one of them will actually be able to claim it (first to claim wins).







DISCLAIMER.  In no way can your exchange of USD$ for VirtaCoin be construed as an "Investment". You are simply exchanging one currency for another. No statement is made about any future developments of VirtaCoin or its value. No Funds are held at this website.